Defining the Essence of a Modern Gentleman

 Defining the Essence of a Modern Gentleman 

The world is a place where people have all kinds of reasons & motives to do things they do. It is what puts you together just as you dress up. Give off the impression through your looks. 

     You hear/see the word 'gent' or 'gentleman' has become quite popular in men's magazines, blogs & websites. What does it actually mean to be a gentleman today? According to the Gentleman's Gazette, it means: 

     1. An honorable man

     2. A polite way referring to a man

     3. A man of good social position

     I agree with a famous gentleman's saying, David Gandy, "It is not expensive tailoring, but something that comes from within." 

     Here are some definitions I have put together which I would like to propose to you: 

     1. Be respectful: Treat others like you want to be treated. At times, others may not be pleased in the way you do things but do respect and try to put yourself in their shoes and think from their perspective. 

     2. Follow your commitments / promises: Your commitments is what you should live on. Once you promise someone something, make sure you are living through that side. Continue keeping your goals strong or else you will never know when one day it will backstab you. 

     3. Be confident: Confident is key. Being confident is what you should be able to pull off naturally. If you have a high self-esteem, if you know you believe in yourself, you can be confident in yourself. Keep in mind, not to be over confident through your expressions. 

     Once you are following these three tips, I am sure you can be a leader of your own. Being a leader as a gentleman will definitely take you places. I can take a guarantee for you that your friends and other friends will look up to you. Your friends will be much more motivated when talking to you. Be the 'Gentleman' YOU want to be. 

OpenHouseDay at the French Ambassador’s Residence

The Embassy of France in Bangkok, Thailand had an open house event at the French Ambassador’s Residence to the public as part of “European Heritage Days” on Sunday 16th September 2018. The original building dates back to the 1830’s, however it has been added onto extensively during the 20th Century. Then during the last decade, it went through another series of renovations to modernize it.

Heritage Days have been held every year since 1984 on the third weekend of September by the French authorities in France and abroad to promote the richness and diversity of public buildings. Te open house in Bangkok took place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Last year they had nearly 1,000 visitors and this year seemed like even double the population. I had to wait 40 minutes in queue to get in after the security checkpoint. An hour to view His Excellency's household was worth the wait. Symbols of Thailand, royal family pictures, some history of the past in France (European history) and even awards such as the relationship built with Thailand and France was placed at the residence.

On the lower floor, they introduced the new France eMotion app where you could see different pictures, paintings and different photographs taken by French photographers and see them animate through your phone. I was quite fascinated by it!

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